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2022 on film: the year’s best videos from Canada and around the world

2022 on film: the year's best videos from Canada and around the world

Mountain biking is a highly visual sport. Beautiful backdrops elevate the incredible athletic achievements of the sport’s best riders. 2022 was, as always, filled with stunning visuals from January right through to December. Huge freeride lines and technical trials skills stand out, but so do more introspective and behind-the-scenes works.

Take a moment, or a few, to look back on another incredible year (and warmer summer weather) on mountain bikes in 2022.

Caleb Holonko: Lights Out

Caleb Holonko’s jaw-dropping tour of iconic Sea-to-Sky features turns the familiar into the absolutely fantastic. Impressive work.

Steve Venderhoek: Risk is Reward

Firefighting. Digging. Sending huge features on the North Shore. Steve Vanderhoek does it all, and does it better than most.

Danny MacAskill – Postcard from San Francisco

Danny MacAskill never puts out a boring video but, in Postcard from San Francisco, the Scottish trials star sets a new bar. For himself and for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps. Absolutely mind-blowing tricks in this one.

Brandon Semenuk and Kade Edwards: Parallell II

Brandon Semenuk has no trouble making year-end lists on his own but, for Paralell II, the mountain bike icon joins forces with Kade Edwards. Riding in close formation, at a level few could manage on their own, is mesmerizing to watch.


Most mountain bike videos focus on the riders. In Lightfall, Anthill Films turns their lens on legendary Canadian photographer Sterling Lorence.

Interview: Lightfall turns the camera on Sterling Lorence

Rémy Métailler vs. FPV Drone Cam

Rémy Métailler is inspiring to watch from any angle. With the help of a highly skilled FPV drone pilot, though, the Sea-to-Sky rider’s skills look even wilder. It’s not anything we haven’t seen Métailler do before but the shift in perspective makes it look fresh, and all the more terrifying.

Miranda Miller – Muuxtuu

For the fourth episode of Miranda Miller’s excellent Here, There, Everywhere series, the 2017 DH world champ heads to Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver…

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