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A complete guide to leather saddles

A complete guide to leather saddles

There are very few things in life I am evangelical about. Rim brakes being perfectly adequate, even preferable in some cases, is one of them, and leather saddles is another. Pop punk from the 2000s is also definitely on the list, but that’s not really relevant here. We have a guide to the best road bike saddles, and the best gravel bike saddles too, neither of which really showcase the advantages of a leather saddle, so I’m going to devote a whole guide to them here. 

I’ve tried a pretty wide array of leather saddles over the years, I’ve gone through the break-in process many times over, and I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that’ll help you on your way. If you’re leather curious, or you’ve got a new bike that’s come with a leather saddle and want to get the best out of it then read on and it might just change your riding life. 

A leather bicycle saddle

A leather bicycle saddle, once broken in, can be a game changer (Image credit: Will Jones)

Should I use a leather saddle? 

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