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A very different-looking Kaitlin Armstrong makes court appearance

A very different-looking Kaitlin Armstrong makes court appearance

Kaitlin Armstrong made a quick pre-trial appearance on in Austin on Thursday regarding the murder of Moriah Wilson, She also looked very different. The 34-year-old was in court for a scheduling hearing for her trial which is happening in June, according to the NY Post.

Armstrong trial in June

The yoga instructor has been charged with the murder of gravel racer Wilson, who was killed on May 11. After the murder, Armstrong fled to Costa Rica, where she lived as a fugitive for 43 days. She was ultimately apprehended and extradited back to the U.S., and has been in custody as she awaits her time in court.

Moriah Wilson murder weapon found in Kaitlin Armstrong’s home

When the feds arrested her, they found two passports as well as a $6,350 receipt for cosmetic surgery, according to Inside Edition. Armstrong has not been seen on camera since her disappearance, and it appeared that she has a “new face.” There was speculation she had the cosmetic surgery and hair cut so she could not be identified while living on the run. In Costa Rica, she even briefly dated someone, and was careful to only go to secluded places.

First time on camera since murder

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When she pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge during an arraignment in July 2022, there were no cameras allowed court at the time.

Colin Strickland immediately fled Texas, fearing for his life

On Thursday, she wore a maroon prison shirt and black-and-white striped pants that had an “M” on them. Although she was initially in hand cuffs, an officer removed them briefly when in the courtoom.

Armstrong had been dating pro gravel racer Colin Strickland. Apparently after learning Strickland had been swimming with Wilson, Armstrong went into a jealous rage and murdered her. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Attorney will question police actions

Her attorney Rick Cofer argued that the court should not let prosecutors use the evidence against her as it was gathered improperly by the police. Cofer said officers did not read Armstrong her Miranda rights before questioning her, according to the motion he filed in 2022.

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