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AeroCoach unveils lustrous Aten 1x road chainring – the new gold standard?

AeroCoach unveils lustrous Aten 1x road chainring - the new gold standard?

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 AeroCoach unveiled its £950 Aten track chainring (opens in new tab), made from titanium with a carbon backplate and a high-sheen gold-polished finish.

Now the British brand is to launch a similarly shiny 1x road version except this one is made from aluminium, is not Ti-nitride coated and therefore starts at a slightly more affordable £237.50 – but which has the same carbon backplate, undulating profile tooth design and AeroCoach’s subtly non-circular ARC shape that the brand says mimics muscular activation while pedalling.

AeroCoach Aten showing carbon backplate

(Image credit: AeroCoach)

AeroCoach says the new Aten road 1x chainring provides the most aero option for your crankset, allowing you to remove the front derailleur and benefit from the unique Aten design which provides optimal airflow from chain to chainring thanks to a shape that allows the chainring to effectively draft the chain.

The brand claims that swapping from a 2x standard charging setup to an Aten 1x chainring will save between 4-7W at 45kph (depending on the size/shape of the front derailleur).

AeroCoach Aten close up with Dura-Ace spider

(Image credit: AeroCoach)

As for the “subtly non-circular ARC shape” AeroCoach explains: “Due to the higher speeds involved in a time trial, inertia and momentum is much greater than normal. This causes pedal speed to be much smoother, and means that for a time trial (high speed) large increases in gearing and dramatic non-circular shapes are not optimal.

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