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After crash in Stanley Park, cyclist urges city to fix bike lane issues

Protests at Stanley Park after removal of bike lanes

A Vancouver cyclist is urging the city to enhance safety measures in the Stanley Park bike lane after she collided with a concrete barrier. Karen Hansen, the resident, recounted the incident to CityNews which occurred during a nighttime ride with a friend around 11:30 p.m. last Friday. Riding along Stanley Park Drive Hansen was cruising at approximately 15 km per hour when her bike light finally revealed a barrier ahead. By then, it was too late to avoid the collision.

Ex-politician gets blowback after complaining about Stanley Park traffic despite bike lane removal

“I stopped, it wasn’t enough time, and my bike smacked right into it,” she said. “I flipped over and the bike landed on me.”

The rider said she had cuts and bruises all over, as well as a bad headache.
“When I hit it, I was like ‘why aren’t there any cones? There were was no yellow markings, there was no indication to turn, nothing,” she added.

There was a ‘funeral’ for the removed bike lanes in Stanley Park

The barrier had been installed within the past few months as a component of the dismantling process for the bike lanes on Stanley Park Drive. These lanes had been introduced during the pandemic; however, earlier this year, the Vancouver Park Board, decided to eliminate them. This choice was met with opposition from local cyclists who feared for their safety when riding there.

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