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Colin Strickland said he didn’t really know Kaitlin Armstrong

Colin Strickland said he didn’t really know Kaitlin Armstrong

Colin Strickland, a former pro gravel racer who had dated Kaitlin Armstrong, testified on the fourth day of the murder trial trial on Monday. When asked questions about his former girlfriend, Strickland seemed aggressive and angry. He even pushed two photographer out of the way. He also wore a mask and sunglasses when entering and leaving the courtroom.

Day 4 of the Kaitlin Armstrong murder trial

Armstrong, a yoga instructor, stands accused of the shooting death of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson and has entered a plea of not guilty to a first-degree murder charge. Wilson was discovered unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head on May 11, 2022, at a friend’s residence in Austin, Texas.

Kaitlin Armstrong faces additional charge after escape attempt

Life on the run

Just days after the murder, Armstrong made a quick sale of her Jeep and then fled to Costa Rica. She lived on the run for 43 days before a massive manhunt resulted in her apprehension. The 35-year-old was then extradited stateside where she has been awaiting her trial. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder. Just weeks before the trial, she attempted to flee from authorities when she was briefly out of prison for medical treatment.

Newly uncovered DNA evidence links Kaitlin Armstrong to Moriah Wilson’s murder

Colin Strickland’s phone

On Monday, the testimony resumed with the presentation of text messages from Strickland’s phone. Strickland mentioned that at least four individuals had been blocked on his phone, although he personally hadn’t blocked them himself. One of those blocked was Wilson, and the other three were women. Armstrong herself allegedly had control of his messages, and had been reading them the day of the murder. The prosecution has theorized she used Strava to track down Wilson as well.

Text messages shown

The text messages shown to the jury in court included a conversation between Strickland and Wilson, where they attempted to reestablish communication after realizing that she had been blocked. They also discussed racing and strategy, which Strickland described as part of heir typical…

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