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Cyclist killed by motorist in Niagara Falls

Cyclist killed by motorist in Niagara Falls

The Ontario Provincial Police confirmed that the victim was riding at the time. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Burlington OPP are currently investigating. On Thursday, an 81-year-old cyclist was killed by a motorist on Thursday afternoon in the same region, and the police are searching for the suspect.

81-year-old cyclist killed by motorist in hit-and-run in Burlington

David Shellnutt, a.k.a. The Biking Lawyer, told the CBC he knows area well where the man was killed. He said that the area is unsafe for cyclists and there needs to be changes made.

“There ought to be safe and protected bike infrastructure,” he said. “Anybody that goes down there in the summer times sees what a huge boon cycling is to the region in this area particularly toward the Niagara River.”

He said there needs to be improvements made in the area so that cyclists can ride safely and without fear.

“People are biking on either sides of the 405 for pleasure, commuting and tourism and so this ought to be a real priority for the region,” Shellnutt concluded.

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