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Do women need women’s specific helmets?

Do women need women's specific helmets?

By now we all know the importance of wearing a helmet while riding our bikes, be it while training or when racing. So much research has been presented to us on the increased protection wearing one provides. Of course, there are a great many female cyclists in the world, and with a number of brands making women-specific cycling clothing and bikes, do women need women’s-specific helmets too?

As a woman myself, I’ve found that as long as a helmet fits me correctly I have (fortunately) always been safe and protected during a crash. Likewise, with teammates of mine, they’ve always just worn unisex helmets without any issues. However, with brands such as Bell and Liv offering sex-specific helmets, while the likes of Kask and Specialized do not, I wanted to know what other female cyclists think, and really get to the bottom of whether or not we need a different helmet from our male counterparts. 

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