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Easton EC90 ALX bars aim for Goldilocks flare and comfort

Easton EC90 ALX bars aim for Goldilocks flare and comfort

If you’re looking for a set of bars with more flare than a road bar but don’t want to get all crazy and go for the wide flare of a gravel bar, Easton is here with the answer. Leading Easton’s new ALX line is the EC90 bars.

While it may be splitting hairs quite finely, there is more to the ALX bars than flare. Easton’s gone all-in, giving each width size-specific flex profiles. There are several fast riders that have already proven that the middle road is the right one, too. Haley Smith won the Life Time Grand Prix aboard Easton’s EC90 ALX bars last year. Andrew L’Esperance and Rob Britton had some success on them, too.

Easton covers “Every Road” with new ALX line

After the proliferation of gravel-specific components, which Easton helped lead, Easton is looking to create a new range of bars. For riders whose rides split between gravel and pavement quite evenly and want equipment that is at home on both surfaces, the ALX line aims to be equally suited to both.

Best of road and gravel design

Easton says the EC90 ALX is the first carbon fiber bar that is purpose-built with 10 degrees of flare and size-specific profiles. The new line sits in the middle ground between the brand’s EC90 SLX road bar and the EC90 AX gravel bar, both in flare and design. With the EC90 in the name, you know these bars are going to be light, too. The ALX bars tip the scales at just 205 grams for the 42cm width.

For shape, the ALX borrows Easton’s “Maximum Contact Drop” from the SLX series and applies it to a happy medium flare of 10 degrees. The AX line contributes to the ALX bars ergonomic top shape but with a twist. Now, Easton’s made the width of the tops specific to each width of bars. The ALX bars also have a size-specific flex profile. Together, these features are aimed to give every size rider the same experience and comfort from the ALX bars.

Flex and comfort on a size-by-size basis

Easton’s also offering more sizes. The EC90 ALX bars coming in five sizes, starting at 38 cm and going all the way up to 46 cm width, each with its own distinct ergonomic top section.

That is an awful lot of work and features to put into one bar. Easton’s definitely not taking the SLX line lightly. They’ve even come up with a whitepaper explaining the EC90 SLX bar’s design if you really want to get into the weeds…

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