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Eleven historic Colnagos from the company archives

Eleven historic Colnagos from the company archives

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We’ve already taken you behind the scenes of the Colnago factory itself in Cambiago, along with the paintworks, so you can get a flavour of how bikes like the Colnago C-68 are still produced entirely in Italy. But while I was at the brand’s headquarters, I was also led down a corridor and through an unassuming set of double doors into a room so crowded with historic bikes that I needed a second to have a sit-down. Hidden away out of sight, Colnago has slowly been amassing rare specimens from across the entirety of its history. Limited runs, gold-plated bikes for the Pope, pioneering tech, hyperlight carbon builds; the works. 

From this room of hundreds, I picked out ten that were most interesting, eye-catching, historic, innovative, or some combination of all four with the help of Alessandro, the resident Colnagologist. Because I’m extremely indecisive, I then picked out another one to make a total of 11. What follows is what I hope constitutes a virtual museum. Think of each mini bike gallery as an exhibit with a blurb. Take your time, sit and look at the details, make a sketch if you like, and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg of what will hopefully in due course become a real museum. 

Colnago Museum Bikes

(Image credit: Will Jones)

Titanium Oval Master

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