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First Ride Review: The Ridley Grifn RS can do road and gravel well with seemingly few drawbacks

Ridley Grifn RS

The Grifn RS is a new, lighter, faster version of the Grifn all-road bike which has been around for a few years now. We tested a Grifn back in 2022 and were immediately impressed, so now it’s time to see what the latest iteration can do.

I attended the Grifn and E-Grifn launch event in Tarragona, Spain to ride the new Grifn RS which uses lighter, stiffer carbon fibre, lowering the frame weight and aiming to providing a faster ride. 

The Grifn RS is available in both road and gravel versions, but being able to ride both builds back to back really helped me understand what the bike brings to the table and the kind of ride performance it provides. 

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