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Gee Atherton shares footage and story of his Red Bull Rampage horror crash

Gee Atherton rides at Red Bull Rampage

To say Gee Atherton’s return to Red Bul Rampage did not go to plan would be an understatement. It might actually also fit with Atherton’s own account of events. After being helivaced out of the Rampage site after crashing on an absolutely massive drop he’d built, his first update to fans was that his injuries were “not too bad.” The man is tough.

Recovery seems to be going alright for the iconic World Cup racer and freeride, though. He’s had the time to put together the full story of the crash. Starting from the plan to build the drop, through the decision to drop in despite wind gusts that had other riders pause their practice, details on the crash itself, and what followed. It’s all in Gee’s report on the rampage crash. You even get to see why Bell’s Full-10 comes with removable cheek pads, if you were wondering.

(Video is age-restricted due to crash footage, but you can watch on YouTube)

Gee Atherton: Taking on One of the Biggest Drops in the World

What’re the Atherton’s saying?

“The main problem with building one of the biggest drops you’ve ever done, is that at some point, you have to test it” WARNING: CONTAINS CRASH FOOTAGE “I love the challenge of pushing myself to the absolute limit, that’s why I ride bikes, it’s what I enjoy doing and what it’s all about for me” Throughout his 20 year career Gee Atherton has constantly sought to challenge himself, to push the absolute limits of what’s possible on a mountain-bike, whether that’s in the course of a big mountain filming project or at an event like Rampage. He promised us all that this was going to be a chill one, but once he’d seen that 60-foot drop he 100% believed that he could land it. He very nearly did. Heal up soon Geeman”

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