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Here’s the indoor trainer product that absolutely no one asked for

Here's the indoor trainer product that absolutely no one asked for

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case, mom might need a time-out. We all know that bike riding, whether inside or out, can involve a lot of gear. Riding inside means you need a trainer, a mat, a towel or sweat guard, a computer…the list goes on. There is even trainer-specific kit and shoes for those who are inclined.

Not everyone has their own trainer room, which means you might just be setting up your riding space in corner of your living room, basement, wherever it fits and you’re not annoying everyone else in your house.

And sure, you may need to get off your bike now and again for a bathroom break, to answer the door, or refill your bottles. Cleats can be a pain to walk around in, especially if you have nice floors. They can also be a bit sketchy if you’re going up and down stairs.

Are these the greatest cycling shoes ever?

Well now there’s a solution to something that was never a problem. Velotowel has created a VeloSandal. It’s designed so that you can just slip your cycling shoes into a foam “sandal” bottom that as a recessed areas to insert your cleats.

“Step into VeloSandal and walk confidently without fear of falling or cleat scuffing your hardwood/tile floors,” reads the caption on the company’s website, which sells a variety of train-specific, gear, some of which actually seems more useful. “Climb stairs without having to take off your cycling shoes.”

The VeloSandal is there for you, the company says, if disaster strikes, all for just under 40 bones. “Forget your water bottle or towel AFTER you’ve already started a ride? Need to stop mid-ride to answer the door or…nature’s call? VeloSandal has you covered.”

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, VeloTowel says.
“1. Toe in, 2. Step down and 3. Walk.”

Or, you could, you know, just 1. Take off shoes 2. Walk.

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