Wednesday, 1 February 2023

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How to leverage Zwift to have fun and get faster this winter

How to leverage Zwift to have fun and get faster this winter

It wasn’t too long ago that when the weather changed cyclists faced grim weather or ultra-intense indoor training. As the summer season ended many cyclists would transition to long, slow, outdoor riding while braving the elements. Others who either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, brave the elements might ride indoors but the experience was even less fun. Dreary intervals staring at a timer took an incredible will no matter the actual intensity. As Zwift has firmly established itself within the modern cycling ecosystem, the brand has completely changed the conversation. 

Today, there is a whole new way to spend your time. Instead of facing icy weather or brutal intervals, you’ve got another choice. Using Zwift, you can get faster while having a blast and you can do it anytime of the year on your own schedule. This isn’t brand new but Zwift continues to introduce new features making it easier. This season includes opportunities to follow workouts, scaled to your fitness, inspired by the professional riders you look up to. You can do it whenever you’ve got time or you can join others to tackle the challenges in a community. Then, as before, you can incorporate racing into your training for high intensity sessions that are genuinely fun. This year, Zwift is making that even easier. If that all sounds a lot better than the old options, keep reading to see what’s new. 

Zwift FTP Selection Screen

It might look intimidating on the selection screen but it’s done as soon as it gets too hard to continue (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Start with an FTP test 

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