Saturday, 4 February 2023

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Illuminating what’s new with the Trek Commuter Pro RT

Trek Commuter Pro RT Front...

Back in 2018 Trek, under the Bontrager name, went all in on the idea of daytime visibility and lighting in general. The Bontrager Ion Pro RT light was the premium offering that came out as part of the push and it’s a great light. I included it in our list of the best bike lights because it’s easy to use and has lots of power. It’s a no-brainer all-around choice that you can use for commuting but also works for the fun rides that happen after work. Four years later, there’s a new light that might be replacing it. Actually, Trek says it’s not a replacement but it sure seems like one. 

The new light is the Trek Commuter Pro RT. Instead of the Bontrager name, this time the light is coming to market with the more widely recognized Trek branding. It also brings a lot of focus both literally with a new reflector as well as figuratively with a more specific use case. Given how often I recommend Bontrager I wanted to spend some time with the latest offering and see if the rebranded light was still worth recommending. If you have been looking for something to get you to and from work this winter, keep reading to see if Trek Commuter Pro RT is the right choice. 

Design and aesthetics 

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