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Kaitlin Armstrong attempts to flee custody in advance of murder trial

Kaitlin Armstrong trial to be aired on Court TV

Kaitlin Armstrong, the individual accused of taking the life of professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson, made an escape attempt from the custody of Travis County corrections officers on a Wednesday morning, according to sources initially verified by KXAN.

Armstrong evaded officers as she departed a medical office building, as conveyed by a spokesperson from the sheriff’s office. After roughly 10 minutes, law enforcement managed to catch up with her and take her into custody.

Kaitlin Armstrong’s lawyers attempt to quash evidence in pre-trial hearing

The spokesperson underlined that officers did not lose track of Armstrong throughout the pursuit.

In a scheduled trial set for October 30 in Austin, Armstrong faces a first-degree murder charge. The incident dates back to May 2022 when Wilson was fatally shot in an east Austin residence. Although Armstrong was questioned by the police at that time, she was not detained. However, days later, a warrant was issued for her arrest, revealing that Armstrong had left the country.

Following a month-long period of eluding authorities, Armstrong was ultimately recaptured at a Costa Rican hotel in June 2022 and extradited back to Texas. Subsequently, court records indicate that she is now confronted with additional federal charges relating to passport misuse in connection with this episode.

The spokesperson did not disclose any specific, extra security measures that were implemented during the Wednesday transport. Nevertheless, she confirmed that the Austin Police extended their assistance, and the sheriff’s office transportation unit was en route at the time of the escape endeavor. Importantly, it was the officers who were present with Armstrong when she attempted to flee who successfully detained her.

According to the spokesperson, it is routine for their agency to transport inmates to a medical facility or hospital when specialized medical care, not available in their clinic, is required.

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