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Myth: Indoor cycling is boring

Myth: Indoor cycling is boring

There are obvious benefits to indoor cycling: it’s time efficient, there are fewer variables and interruptions, you can focus on technique and there’s no such thing as bad weather, among others. It’s still believed by many to be really boring, to the point that some would rather not ride at all if they can’t get outside, but spinning your legs while going nowhere doesn’t have to be such a drag. Long gone are the days of riding your bike on the turbo or rollers, just staring at a wall or watching a movie while you dream of breathing some fresh air. Seeing dramatic improvements over the years, indoor training is now more immersive, more fun and more social.

For some, cycling indoors is a way to maintain or improve fitness through the colder, darker months. For others, it provides more focussed training so more is gained during shorter sessions when time is limited. No matter what kind of rider, indoor training is hugely beneficial and apps such as Zwift have been game changing. Communities of cyclists can now ride and race together in a virtual setting, distracting from the mundaneness of pedalling in the living room. 


(Image credit: Zwift)

There’s been a massive boom in indoor cycling over the last decade, particularly since the emergence of COVID, with people desperate to maintain fitness or relieve the boredom of lockdowns and quarantines. Constant innovations mean advancements in technology have come thick and fast, and features and training tools on offer are extensive.

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