Saturday, 4 February 2023

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North American Editor’s picks: Anne-Marije Rook’s Gear of the Year 2022

Team Bottrill 4.2 TT

Getting to ride the latest and greatest product on the market is a huge perk of this job. And I could talk for hours about how much I liked the technology or ride quality of this ten-thousand-dollar bike or that twenty-eight-hundred-dollar wheelset. And while I have very much enjoyed riding and reviewing those products, at the end of the reviewing period, these products (sadly) go back to the brand. And so, looking back at the year, I would rather talk to you about items that I used day in, day out and will happily continue using for some time. 

Bonus: many of these also come with less of a sticker shock!

Flame Lacquer Brompton M6

Image shows Anne-Marije Rook with her Brompton folding bike

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

My Brompton (opens in new tab) or “Brommie” as I call her was an impromptu, n+0.33 Craigslist purchase I made in January. I’d been low-key intrigued by Bromptons for a bit and when I was planning my trip to the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Fayetteville in January, I thought a bike would be a nice way to get around but didn’t feel like hauling my big bike box there. I’d only be on the ground for four days after all, and I would be too busy to actually ride.

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