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Paris 2024 shows off artistic take on Olympic pictograms

Paris 2024 shows off artistic take on Olympic pictograms

With 533 days remaining until the Olympics and 566 days until the Paralympics start, Paris 2024 revealed what the famous Olympic pictograms will look like for the cycling events.

The tradition of creating a pictogram for each sport started with the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The original 20 pictograms were created by Masasa Katzumie and Yoshiro Yamashita.

Paris 2024’s take on the Olympic pictograms is, as one might expect, a little more artistic. The pictograms are much more stylized. Each sport has its own pictogram, which the Paris 2024 site is calling a “coat of arms.” The designs combine two elements, field and action, around an “axis of symmetry.” All very fancy-sounding stuff.

The results are mixed. Some look fantastic. Simply conveying the sport with style. Others are a little more complex while some are quite abstract.

For the cycling Olympic pictograms, road and velodrome and the Para sports are the winners. BMX and mountain bike get pictograms that look quite similar to each other. They also mostly revolve around generic equipment and not the actual action of each discipline.

You can see all the pictograms for the upcoming Olympic Games at the Paris 2024 website.

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