Saturday, 28 January 2023

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PAS Normal brings hope to the industry with the opening of first US store

PAS Normal brings hope to the industry with the opening of first US store

It’s no secret that the bike industry is in the midst of some upheaval. When the COVID pandemic shut down the world, the bike industry stepped onto a roller coaster ride. First there were the shutdowns, then unprecedented demand, then a global supply chain meltdown. Finally, just as retailers started to catch up with demand and the supply chain began to function again, global economic fortunes shifted. As old orders make their way through the system, demand is cooling. The result is a glut of bikes available and layoffs rocking the industry.聽

Among this deluge of negative news, there continues to be hope out there. As Specialized moves away from adventures towards racing, other brands affirm adventure isn鈥檛 dead. There are always winners and losers in every economic situation and right now there is an opportunity for those in the right position. One of those brands that might be in the right position is PAS Normal and the brand is taking a gamble with its first US store.

As a brand, PAS Normal has so far seen success building off a foundation of fashion. I reviewed the Mechanism jersey previously and my talking points at the time revolved around colour and performance for the sake of design. With that jersey, the brand was already a contender for the best cycling jerseys and now it continues to evolve. There are products in the pipeline, and even on the shelves now, that look to change that perception but it’s also a well-travelled path by other established brands. Starting from fashion and building to performance isn’t new, it’s actually somewhat normal. As you consider that, also consider that Pas Normal is a French phrase meaning “not normal.” That seems like an issue for a brand that is following in the footsteps of others. Or, perhaps they aren’t?聽

PAS Normal Studios San Francisco detail of arrangement on shelf

Colour is the core of the design story for PAS Normal (Image credit: Josh Ross)

It’s true that PAS Normal comes from the mind of a man with a deep understanding of fashion. Karl-Oskar Olsen is a founder and current Creative Director for PAS Normal. He’s also a graduate of the Royal Danish Design Academy and only just stepped away from fashion label Wood Wood that he set up right out of school. Although he’s a dedicated cyclist, he’s a creative and you can feel his passion for art in every conversation. That influence finds a balance with Peter Lange.

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