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Q36.5 Level 3 base layer review: seamless long sleeve performance

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Every time you start putting together your clothing for a ride, start with a base layer. A great base layer is the foundation that helps you feel your best and allows your whole system of clothing to work as optimally as possible. The challenge is that every climate is different and the temperatures we all experience range drastically. This is the reason that we have such a wide range of options in our list of the best cycling base layers.  

Tech Specs: Q36.5 Level 3 Base Layer

Price: £76.95 / $119 / €90

Weight: 103g (As measured size small)

Size availability: XXS-XS, S-M, L-XL

Colour Options: Navy, Anthracite, Olive Green

Materials: 44% Polypropylene, 44% Polyamide (Nylon), 12% Elastane

Given that I tend to ride through the winter, long sleeve base layers are something I’m always evaluating. New options come to market and it feels like there is an endless array of choices. More recently, a new style of almost completely seamless base layers has started to appear. Assos has one and so does the brand started by the former director of development for Assos, Q36.5. 

The two brands are often somewhat similar but in this case, there are a lot of differences. Assos positions the single seamless base layer available as the best of what you can buy from the brand. Q36.5 instead takes the technology and applies it to every base layer that the brand offers. I’ve spent a bit of time with the level 3 long sleeve Q36.5 base layer and now I’m ready to share some details. If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable long-sleeve base layer, keep reading to see if this one is the right choice for you. 

Q36.5 Level 3 base layer rear view

The whole rear of the Q36.5 Level 3 base layer is open allowing for lots of ventilation (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

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