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Review: Hunt 4 Season Gravel X-Wide wheelset

Review: Hunt 4 Season Gravel X-Wide wheelset

Gravel can encompass an incredibly wide range of riding, from mostly paved routes to truly remote adventures and the occasional stretch of singletrack. In our review, we found the 4 Season Gravel X-Wide wheelset, delivers what Hunt says. It is a wheelset ready take on anything you’re comfortable riding on a drop-bar bike, all year long.

Hunt’s latest gravel wheelset continues the 4 Season line’s tradition of bringing excellent value together with quality and durability for year-round riding. The X-Wide is a comfortable, tough and smooth wheelset. They’re well-suited to the more adventurous side of gravel riding. And, they come at a solid price.

Hunt 4 Season Gravel X-Wide: spec and details

4 Season Disc was Hunt’s first wheel when the brand started in 2015. It’s grown exponentially as a brand since then but the 4 Season line remains as a core line. The 4 Season Gravel X-Wide is the latest offering and takes the alloy wheel range further off-road.

The 6066-T6 aluminum alloy rim uses a wider 25-mm internal width rim bed, hence the “X-Wide” in the name. That makes them better suited for wider (35mm-50mm+) tires and capable of gravel rides that lean more towards adventure than multi-use paths. The wider internal width (the X-Wides are 29mm external, if you’re wondering) does mean that the narrower tires you’d run for tarmac-primary rides aren’t as good a fit. While Hunt says the wheels have a minimum of 35mm. That’s qualified with a statement that anything under 40mm should be checked against the manufacturer’s label. But Hunt has plenty of rims for narrower tires. What makes the X-Wides interesting is the opportunities the open to run a wide range of meatier rubber.

All-season construction

Hunt builds the X-Wides around that potential uses that suit larger tires. The 28 spokes (front and rear) are triple-butted steel J-bend spokes that are easy to replace, even if you’re far from the nearest local bike shop. Those spokes are anchored by corrosion-resistant brass nipples and laced to Hunt’s own alloy hubs. The hubs are easily adaptable to any modern hub standard, back to and including quick release (for those of you that, like me, are still running your “forever bike” from before through-axle was common on the drop bar side of cycling). Those…

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