Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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Shimano launches redesigned S-Phyre and Aerolite eyewear

Shimano launches redesigned S-Phyre and Aerolite eyewear

On Tuesday, Shimano introduced the second generation S-Phyre and Aerolite eyewear.

The newly redesigned glasses feature the bike brand’s proprietary Ridescape lens. The sunglass tech is said to emphasize color, visibility and details across different types of terrain.

The S-Phyre is the higher end version, and has an all-new magnetic lens system so you can have quick and easy lens changes. The eyewear comes in at 29.3 g and will be available in five different colours.

The Aerolite glass offers a solid visual performance and is Rx-Clip compatible for prescription lenses, all for an affordable price. The Aerolites are available in five different colours and weigh 26 g.

There are six Ridescape lens options available, each one suitable for different riding conditions or terrain.

S-Phyre features

Frames: Matte Black, Matte Extra White, Metallic Red, Metallic Orange, and Metallic Blue
Weight: 29.3 G

Shimano S-Phyre eyewear, US $220

Aerolite features

Frames: Black, White, Metallic Red, Matte Metallic Blue, Moss Green
Weight: 26g

Shimano Aerolite eyewear, US $110

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