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Strava co-founder and CEO resigns

If you're a Rogers customer, that means you can't upload to Strava, which means you don't exist

Strava co-founder and CEO Michael Horvath is, again, stepping down from his position. In a letter posted on the Strava blog, Horvath said that his decision is intended to help Strava find a new direction.

Since its founding in 2009 by Horvath and Mark Gainey, Strava has become one of the leading social fitness platforms. As it looks to continue to grow in the future, the platform has expanded the number of activities it supports and started acquiring new technologies to continue growing its market.

“What got us here will not be exactly the same as what will get us there,” Horvath said of his role in getting Strava to where it is and what it needs to achieve its future goals. “I have decided that Strava needs a CEO with the experience and skills to help us make the most of this next chapter.”

Horvath will remain as CEO until a replacement is found. He will stay on as a board member going forward.

Strava recently made an unexpected and confusing announcement that it would be increasing fees for its subscription service.

Michael Horvath’s letter to Strava users:

Dear Strava Community,

This week I let Strava, the company, know that we are commencing the search for my successor as CEO. I feel it is important to share the same news with you, the Strava Community.

When Mark Gainey and I, together with the founding team of Davis Kitchel, Chris Donahue, Mark Shaw and Pelle Sommansson, started Strava in 2009 we set out to bring people together around what they loved to do to be active. Over the years we have grown the team and our community well beyond the expectations we set for ourselves at the time. I am so appreciative of the hundreds of individuals who have joined us over the years in building Strava into what it is today, the service you rely on for daily connection and motivation. I am extremely proud that in my second run as CEO, through the dedication of this team and under my leadership, we have expanded who Strava is built for, invested in people and technologies to help more people find the motivation to be more active, and transformed our business success through the simple principle of making the product better.

I have great confidence that these investments will put Strava and our subscription at the center of connected fitness for many, many more people over the coming decade and beyond. This represents a massive opportunity to help the world be more active and healthier! Yet, as co-founder and CEO, it’s only part of my job to…

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