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The best bike pumps for 2023

Lezyne Sport Drive HV Pump

A proper bike pump for the home shop or when you’re out riding should be mandatory kit for any serious cyclist. After all, without enough air in the tires, you’re not going to be riding very far. So, to make sure your tires are always properly inflated, we’ve selected a variety of pumps that should cover most cyclists’ needs.

Here are our top ten best bike pumps for 2023.

Best for mountain bike riders seeking to inflate larger tires.

Lezyne Sport Drive HV Pump

A compact high-volume pump for trailside emergencies.

With its relatively large-diameter barrel, this compact pump is ideal for inflating larger mountain bike tires. The pump features a machined aluminum barrel and piston for durability, while the flexible hose reduces stress on valve stems. The pump comes with a handy bottle cage mount and is rated to inflate tires up to 90 p.s.i. This pump is a must-have bit of insurance for gravel and mountain bike riders.

Best for road cyclists seeking to inflate road tires.

Lezyne Road Drive HP Pump

Lezyne Road Drive HP Pump

A compact high-pressure pump for roadside emergencies.

This slender little pump can easily fit in a jersey pocket, ready to be deployed during a roadside flat. The pump features machined aluminum construction for low weight and exceptional durability. The Presta-compatible flexible hose minimizes stress on delicate valve stems and has an integrated valve core tool. The pump can hit up to 160 p.s.i. and comes with a bottle-cage mount for optional on-the-frame mounting.

Best for cyclists seeking a CO2 air cartridge inflation system with a mini pump backup.

Planet Bike Air Smith CO2 Mini Pump

Planet Bike Air Smith CO2 Mini Pump

A mini pump with a CO2 air cartridge.

CO2 air cartridges are incredibly convenient until you realize that they may not always provide you with the necessary air pressure to finish your ride. Rather than succumbing to this reality and limping home on a semi-flaccid tire, check out the Planet Bike Air Smith CO2 Mini Pump. This tiny pump combines the convenience of a CO2 air cartridge with the just-in-case backup of a mini pump. The pump provides the option of topping up tires or, in a worst-case scenario, manually inflate your tire if a CO2 cartridge fails.

Best for cyclists seeking a one-size-fits-all tire inflating solution for home use.

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