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The comments by non-cyclists about Tadej Pogačar’s “rock paper scissors race” are hilarious

The comments by non-cyclists about Tadej Pogačar’s "rock paper scissors race" are hilarious

In 2022 during the penultimate stage of the Tour of Slovenia, cycling fans were in for a treat when UAE riders Rafal Majka and Tadej Pogačar came to the line together. Ever the joker, Pog started a game of “rock paper scissors” with his teammate to see who’d take the win. Majka picked paper, and his famous teammate picked rock. And as we all know, paper beats rock. So the two-time Tour de France winner gave the win to Majka.

Teammates Pogačar and Majka play rock, paper, scissors for Tour of Slovenia stage victory

On Saturday, a popular twitter account, Historic Vids, posted the video. Given that this account posts all sorts of memes and videos to a wide audience, it was surprising to see something cycling-related. Of course, the core fans of the account are not necessarily cycling fans, so they many were perplexed at the video.

Pogačar, whose Twitter account is always active, was one of the first responders, tagging Majka, saying they are famous now.

Tadej Pogačar has been tweet-trolling Dan Martin for months and it’s the absolute best

Not everyone was in on the joke, it seems. “So much for the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. Congratulations to the winner of the rock, paper, scissors game,” Gene Baum posted.

“Kinda beats the point of racing if that’s how they wanted to choose the winner. The whole event could’ve been avoided,” chimed in Satya.

Understandably, many not familiar with cycling, or that the two were teammates, were confused.

“Doing this kinda defeats the purpose of racing doesn’t it?” Spencer Stewart posted.

Many cyclists tried to explain, saying that cycling is a team sport, Pog was leading, and this was not unusual. “Not at all. It’s a team sport. Would you want teammates pushing each other out of the way to compete for a catch in baseball?” Dan Bassford replied.

To a non-cyclist, the sport can be confusing at first. Many who don’t watch stage races may not be familiar with drafting, or that races themselves are very much a team sport. “Depends: How many miles did one try to out-pace the other up until this point?” Charlie asked.

Cycling fans seemed to have a chuckle at some of the comments, and that it was all in good fun.

“I know our sport can appear incomprehensible and maybe a little silly at times to those on the outside looking in. And I have enjoyed the comments immensely,” Anna Mac rightly pointed out.

Either way, the video was a great reminder of a hilarious…

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