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The new Assos Equipe R Bibs S9: Performance and comfort for the serious racer

Assos Equipe R Bibs

On Thursday, Assos debuted its Assos Equipe R Bib, a durable pair of shorts intended for training and racing. Using features from its older brothers, the RS and RSR, the new bibs are aimed for those who want a high-end, performance-oriented bib at a lower price. The shorts have all the benefits of professionally-tested bibs, including a sleek race fit, and an exceedingly comfortable insert.

The race fit of the Assos Equipe R Bibs

The first thing you’ll notice when you put on the bibs is that “second skin” feel. The shorts are made for racing and training for long, hard rides. I tested them mostly on the trainer, and although they are meant for the hot days of summer, they function exceptionally well indoors. One of the reasons for that is the functionality of the chamois. The insert is only sewn to the front and rear of the shorts, so it moves freely with your body. No matter what angle you’re riding, whether you’re crouched in the drops, or on the tops, the insert sits in line with your body.

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The chamois is slightly thicker than most race shorts, and you’ll notice there’s more surface area toward the front. The way the insert’s material works is some nifty tech that Assos has perfected throughout the years and results in a really great feel.

Comfortable at all power outputs

One of the other features that I really liked about the insert was its actual shape. When I ride hard efforts on the trainer, I move slightly forward on the saddle. In this position, the insert felt snug and cosy. According to Peter Hammerschmidt, the senior director of product management at Assos, that behaviour was a result of feedback from professionals testing the shorts. Assos currently sponsors the Tudor Cycling team, run by Fabian Cancellera who has had a long relationship with the Swiss brand.

Assos Equipe R Bibs

“The insert is designed with the racer in mind,” Hammerschmidt says. “There is slightly more fabric toward the front of the insert, as when a cyclist is in a race position there is more pressure in the front.”

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