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This Toronto parking officer catches a motorist who took off to avoid a ticket

Toronto Parking

A Toronto parking officer caught a motorist who thought they could avoid getting a parking ticket by speeding away.

Erin Urquhart shared a video on Wednesday, of her daily patrol. She then spotted a driver who was parked illegally and sprang into action.

“I came across this car that had no driver but a passenger sitting in this car, in the no stopping zone and right beside a fire hydrant,” Urquhart said. The driver was getting food across the street at Chick-fil-A.

This parking officer is the absolute GOAT when ticketing cars in bike lanes

Since it’s in a no stopping zone, she can actually write up a citation while they’re in the car.
Urquhart asked the passenger if she could at least move the car.

“She couldn’t. She gave me the ‘one minute’ gesture with her hand, and was on a phone,” Urquhart said.
The driver then reappeared with their food and got in the car and took off, Urquhart explained.

“There I’m taking my photo evidence that the car is actually driving off and pictures of the signage that they were parked in front of. The damage was done when they were parked there, and now they’re going to get their $100 ticket in the mail,” Urquhart said.

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