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Trek launches Fetch+ electric cargo bikes

Trek launches Fetch+ electric cargo bikes

On Thursday, Trek announced two new electric cargo bikes, called the Fetch Plus 2 and Fetch Plus 4. The bikes are in line with the growing trend of families living in cities hoping to drive less, and use a more environmentally sound alternative. That’s why the two Fetch bikes have plenty of room for kids, in case parents want to drop them off at school.

The two versions are quite different. The Fetch Plus 2 is a long-tail cargo version. The Fetch Plus 4 is the box-style bike. The former has a longer rear rack for cargo, whether precious (as in kids) or your stuff. The Fetch Plus 4 also has plenty of room for cargo, but it’s up front.

Both bikes use the user-friendly Bosch BES3 smart systems, and come with a sturdy kickstand. They are also fully customizable with a variety of accessories. That includes front and rear fenders, front pannier baskets, rack kits and foot guards.

The Fetch + 2 rear rack

The Fetch bikes can handle some pretty heavy loads too. The total carry weight, as in rider and cargo, comes in at 200 kg. The front panniers can handle 9 kg, and the rear 72 kg.

Both bikes come with removable batteries. On the Fetch Plus 2, it’s right inside the down tube.

On the Fetch Plus 4, you’ll find the battery right behind the cargo box. Trek says that charging the battery takes 4.5 hours for 100 per cent, and 2 hours for a 50 per cent charge if you use a 4a charger.

There will be an option for a Range Booster according to Trek.

The bike company says that bikes are starting to arrive in the coming weeks, so check in with your local Trek retailer about availability.

Trek Fetch+ 2 $7,500

Trek Fetch+ 4 $11,000

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