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Unreleased BMC time trial bike spotted at Tour de Romandie prologue

Unreleased BMC time trial bike spotted at Tour de Romandie prologue

A prototype BMC time trial bike has been spotted being ridden during the Tour de Romandie prologue time trial. First spotted by our colleagues over at the Escape Collective, Tudor Pro Cycling rider Tom Bohli was seen aboard an as-yet-unreleased BMC time trial bike. 

The Swiss rider was riding a black BMC time trial bike that stood out from the rest of his team’s white, black and red BMC TimeMachine 01 Disc models. That current model has been on the market for several years and it looks as though BMC could be planning an overhaul that we may see break cover properly at this year’s Tour De France.  

In May last year, we covered the release of what BMC was calling ‘the world’s first F1 bike’ which saw a collaboration between BMC and Red Bull Advanced Technologies result in the launch of a prototype TT bike marked Speedmachine. Specific design details on the bike were scarce but it looks like the BMC bike ridden by Bohli shares some of the design features of that prototype. 

BMC Prototype time trial bike

The current BMC Timemachine 01 disc bike being ridden in the Romandie prologue (Image credit: Dario Belingheri / Stringer)

The frame ridden by Bohli looks to have several differences from the current Timemachine. The most obvious of which can be seen at the front end. The fork looks to have overall wider legs and features an aero profile at the bottom of the leg. The fork legs being wider may well result in a more aerodynamic overall setup when paired with the team’s wheels of choice. 

The current bike’s fork uses what BMC calls the Vmax Aero Design Hinge Design, whereas the prototype bike’s fork and head tube junction are a clear move away from this design. The rear of the aero gusset joining the down tube and top tube is also squared off on the new frame. A Wattshop time trial bar setup was also fitted instead of the stock BMC base bar and Profile Design extensions. 

BMC / Red Bull Prototype time trial bike

The new bike’s front end is notably different from the existing Timemachine, note the angled extension spacers from British aftermarket components brand, Wattshop. (Image credit: BMC)

BMC / Red Bull Prototype time trial bike

The front end of the BMC / Red Bull Prototype bike released last year looks very similar to the bike Bohli was riding (Image credit: BMC)

The gap between the down tube and front wheel also appears to have increased slightly. Then, moving down into the bottom bracket junction area shows the inclusion of an aero-profiled water bottle which does the job of a fairing making this area more aerodynamic. The current time trial/triathlon guise of the…

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