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Watch Mathieu van der Poel absolutely murder the breakaway at the Super 8 Classic

Mathieu van der Poel attacking at the Super 8 Classic

Mathieu van der Poel took a stunning win on Saturday at the Super 8 Classic, outkicking Anthony Turgis and Florian Vermeersch on the line. Although the race came down to a sprint between seven cyclists who had escaped, MvdP did put in some incredible attacks early on, because MvdP.

Ultimately his teammate Gianni Vermeersch would give him a beauty leadout that would set up the win for the Dutchman. But earlier, Van der Poel definitely put some fear into his rival’s eyes when he showed them why he’s the world champion of Watts.

A photo of Mathieu van der Poel’s broken shoe makes his victory even more spectacular

Just like he did in Glasgow, when he attacked on a steep climb and would go on to win the rainbow jersey, Van der Poel put in a monster attack with 70 km to go. Sure, the break would catch him up, but it’s clear after witnessing this attack, they all lost a little bit of their souls.

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