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Zwift launches Hub One trainer to simplify indoor riding

Zwift launches Hub One trainer to simplify indoor riding

Zwift, the online fitness platform, has unveiled the Zwift Hub One, an updated version of its Hub Smart Trainer. This new trainer aims to simplify the Zwift experience, support a wide range of bikes, and provide cyclists with a smooth and responsive virtual shifting feature that was previously limited to smart bikes.

Single cog

The most noticeable change in the Zwift Hub One, compared to the original Hub trainer, is the introduction of the Zwift Cog. Unlike conventional direct-drive trainers, the Zwift Hub One replaces the standard cassette with the Zwift Cog, a single-cog component that comes pre-installed. This change enables compatibility with almost any 8-12 speed bicycle and reduces the likelihood of chain drops due to its unique design.

In addition to bike compatibility, the Zwift Hub One offers virtual shifting, a feature usually found on smart bikes. Virtual shifting ensures seamless gear changes without delays or chain skipping, even when shifting under load. The reduction in noise is another advantage, as it minimizes disturbances during indoor workouts.

Virtual shifting

Zwifters can now control virtual shifts using the included wireless Zwift Click, which attaches easily to various handlebar types. Shifting is straightforward, with plus and minus buttons for adjusting gears up or down. The Zwift Hub One comes with 24 gears initially, providing a versatile gear range for Zwift’s varying terrains.

The Zwift Hub One is designed to offer a consistent riding experience, regardless of the bike used. It achieves this by automatically detecting the gear ratios on the physical bike and adjusting the virtual gears accordingly. This calibration process occurs within the first few seconds of each ride. This feature benefits those with multiple bikes and prevents riders with smaller chainrings, such as those on gravel and mountain bikes, from spinning out on flat or downhill Zwift terrains.

Zwift Hub One, US $600

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