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10 of the most absolutely embarrassing cycling celebrations

10 of the most absolutely embarrassing cycling celebrations

They say second place is the first loser. But losing first to the second placed rider happens when you celebrate too early. Although it doesn’t happen a lot–since most of the times pros time their victory salutes perfectly–it has gone south. And boy oh boy, when that happens, it downright sucks for the rider who blows the win. The other way to biff a win is to think the race is over, when there’s one lap to go. Here’s a few of the best, or rather, worst, victory salutes.

1. Radoslaw Fratczak blows it at Tour de l’Avenir

Riley Pickrell took a big triumph during the second stage of the Tour de l’Avenir. In the 195-kilometer stage Radoslaw Fratczak, a cyclist from Poland, believed he was the victor and engaged in a premature celebration. As Fratczak raised his arms in a triumphant gesture, Pickrell seized the opportunity and threw his bike, taking the win.

Victoria’s Riley Pickrell takes an absolutely huge and wild win at Tour de l’Avenir

2. Eloy Teruel at the Tour of California

Spaniard Eloy Teruel of Jamis–Hagens Berman raised his arms and jubilantly celebrated one lap too early on Stage 7 at the 2014 Tour of California,. He did not realize there was still another lap of five kilometers to go.

3. Hudry Florian in China

Hudry Florian from France was filled with joy as he completed his eighth lap during Stage 2 of the Tour of Qinghai Lake. The professional cyclist from Interpro Stradalli Cycling was overcome with excitement and raised his hands in a fist-pumping gesture to celebrate. However, a hiccup emerged: he had one more lap to cover in order to finish the 115-kilometer stage in Xining.

4. Eduard Prades lost…and crashed

This Spanish rider had a very, very, very bad day at the Tour of Hellas.

How to lose a bike race…twice

5. Erik Zabel at Milan-San Remo

As Erik Zabel, a four-time winner of Milan-San Remo, neared the finish line in the lead during the 2004 race, he raised his arms in celebration. However, Oscar Freire managed to outdo him with a bike throw at the line, narrowly beating Zabel to claim victory.

Friere pips an embarrassed Erik Zabel to win the 2004 edition.

6. Ryder Hesjedal at the Tour of Alberta

On Stage 1 of the 2013 Tour of Alberta, Ryder Hesjedal attacked from the peloton appearing to win the stage. However, this was not the case as…

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