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10 ways to turn your cycling gear into really cool stuff

10 ways to turn your cycling gear into really cool stuff

We cyclists know how much stuff we go through over the years. Wheels, chains, clothes, tubes–the list goes on. But what to do when it’s worn out or not usable anymore?

You could recycle it–but better yet, you can re-use it into fun things.

Here’s some ideas for the next time you find something that you can’t use anymore.

1.Tubes for your vino

Here’s a cool way to take old tubes and turn into a very unique wine bottle rack.

Need a fence?

If you happen to have a bunch of frames lying around, why not turn it into a nice gate or fence?

3. Cool keychains!

Why not take your chain…and make it a keychain?

4. The trusty old chain bracelet

This is hardly new–you may know someone who has done this. But it’s a fun project, and would make a nice gift.

5. Frame to fixture

How unique is this?

6. Wind chimes

Nothing says cozy like the sound of wind chimes. Use your old worn-out chainrings or cogs and make this.

7. TP holder

For the person who loves the loo.

8. A wheelie cool clock

How awesome is this?

9. Christmas is only 11 months away!

What a unique wreath.

10. Plant older

Do you have a green thumb, and love bikes? Wel then, you’re welcome.

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