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15 things I learned cycling to Glastonbury – Tips and tricks to make getting there and back a breeze

Cycle to glastonbury

Glastonbury, or the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts to give it its full title, is The Big One. Every year a 1,000 acre area of Somerset farmland becomes the most densely populated place on earth as over 200,000 people descend for a week-long party. It very much feels like its own city, and when it is on, it becomes the fourth largest city in the southwest of England, double the size of nearby Bath. Most of the revellers get to the festival by car, coach, or train, meaning the festival is, for many people, bookended by hours of sitting in traffic as tiny rural roads become clogged. 

To avoid this, my friends and I decided to cycle to Glastonbury this year, and I think it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Given we range in ability from ‘very keen cyclist who works in the bike industry’ to ‘does not cycle except to get to basketball practice’ I reached out to Bosch and borrowed some electric bikes for the journey to level the playing field, and to be honest, make the homeward journey a little more painless. 

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