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5 goofy things non-cycling people ask cyclists

5 goofy things non-cycling people ask cyclists

Every cyclist has those friends who never ride and ask very, very silly questions. Of course, there’s no reason to be rude to people who ask outrageous questions, so most of us take a deep breath and answer politely.

Take a look at these ones. Have you heard them?

1. Why do you wear Lycra?

Most non-cyclists are happy to jump on their bike in a T-shirt and shorts and ride to the beach. As cyclists, we value a nice chamois to keep us comfortable and clothes that wick sweat. Those who just go for a quick jaunt may not need these properties, but trying to explain it can be exhausting.

2. Are you doing the Tour de France?

Is your beer league going to the Super Bowl? Is your shinny team playing in the Stanley Cup?


3. Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Well, it’s mostly pros that do, but the reason has nothing to do with aerodynamics. It’s for post-race massages as well as making clean-up and bandaging wounds after a crash easier. That being said, there is an aesthetic quality for those wearing skin-tight jerseys and shorts and having shorn gams.


Why do bike racers shave their legs?

4. Doesn’t your bum hurt?

This will quickly be followed by a question about your saddle and how narrow it is. They will mention their wide, padded seat, and you’ll explain that with shorts and a chamois, riding a narrow saddle is much more comfortable for long distances.


5. How much does your bike cost?

You can lie about this one, as if you tell the truth, they may be…shocked.

Honorable mention

Trying to explain the Tour de France. How the yellow jersey can finish in the bunch in 100th but still lead overall. Don’t even bother trying to get into the points jersey or climber’s competition.


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