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5 Toronto teenagers swarm cyclist, steal bike, assault jogger, harass UPS driver

5 Toronto teenagers swarm cyclist, steal bike, assault jogger, harass UPS driver

Police are currently on the lookout for five young males who are being sought in connection with a robbery and vandalism investigation in east Toronto.

In a statement, Toronto Police Service (TPS) said on Sept. 1, just before 5 a.m., they responded to three separate calls in the area. According to investigators, a group of young males confronted a jogger on Dingwall Avenue, physically assaulted him, and demanded that he surrender his belongings.

Subsequently, the individuals reportedly proceeded westward on Dingwall Avenue and then targeted a cyclist at the intersection of Carlaw and Wroxeter avenues, forcibly taking his bicycle.

Following that, the young individuals headed eastward on Bain Avenue from Pape Avenue and entered a UPS delivery truck, obstructing the driver from completing his delivery, according to TPS.

Police searching for suspects

The police released descriptions of the five individuals wanted in connection with the crimes.

Suspect 1

Nale, tanned skin, 5’0″, 12-15-years old, light brown afro, grey T-shirt, black hoodie, black jeans, grey shoes

Suspect 2

Male, Black, 5’6″, 13-16-years-old, black balaclava, black sunglasses, white tank-top, black satchel, dark jeans, black shoes

Suspect 3

Male, white, blonde curly hair, 15-16-years-old, black Nike T-shirt, black shorts, black Nike sandals, black scooter

Suspect 4

Male, black, 15-16-years-old, ear-length black braids, red hoodie with a white image on the front, dark jeans, black shoes, black satchel.

Suspect 5

Male, white, 14-16-years-old, black T-shirt with white “Polo” lettering on the front, grey track pants, black shoes, black satchel.

Police asking public for help

If you have information or videos during the time period in that area, you are asked to contact police at 416-808-5500, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or at

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