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A program in Winnipeg is helping older women get back on their bikes

A program in Winnipeg is helping older women get back on their bikes

A program in Winnipeg is trying to get older women to spend the summer riding together. It’s called Cycling With Sarah, and it is three months of assembling group rides for like-minded seniors. Sarah Gravelle-MacKenzie, 68, started cycling six years ago after she retired. “Before too long, it became this passion. I was riding 20, 40, 60 kilometers and it was something that became so important to me,” she told CTV News. Now, she says she’s fitter than ever and hopes more women her age can do the same.

Helping women feel confident while riding

“Many women feel nervous about riding alone. They have safety concerns. They have issues with maybe not feeling confident enough to get on their bikes and just head out on their own,” she said. “We want to keep it easy, an easy pace, and an easy length of time. The goal is as we ride together as groups, women will get more fit, and maybe they’ll ride a little longer.”

Cycling With Sarah is a three-month-long event that links up older women with group bike rides.

Gravelle-MacKenzie is now a Liv Ambassador, and her Instagram has plenty of tips for women wanting to ride. Whether it’s working on skills or learning bike maintenance, there are plenty of resources for riders of all abilities. The program runs  from June and goes all the way to August. It’s for women who are 55 or older, and the rides are an hour long and take place three times a week.

The program is also supported by Bikes and Beyond, which, according to her website, “will provide opportunities to build your knowledge of basic bike maintenance through a workshop.”

All rides are no-drop

As far as the rides, Gravelle-MacKenzie prefers to have a maximum of six people. There are two different groups depending on your ability. No matter what, all rides are no-drop. That means that new riders don’t have to be worried about being stuck out on the road alone. All you need is a bike, a helmet, and a one-time waiver or proof of membership to the Manitoba Cycling Association is required.

To learn more about Cycling With Sarah, check out her Instagram, or

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