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A Toronto driver drove while distracted and filmed footage while complaining about cyclists

A distracted driver in High Park

Toronto’s High Park continues to be the epicenter of driver outrage. After two summers of police ticketing blitzes, the city made changes to the layout to better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. This involved closing off certain areas to cars and removing some parking spots.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the park was restricted to drivers on weekends to ensure safer exercise opportunities. However, these recent alterations have reduced the accessibility for motorists. Nonetheless, plans are underway to improve public transit options and implement shuttles to provide park-goers with alternatives to using their own vehicles.

Former elite cyclist assaulted by motorist in hit and run in High Park

As one might expect, these changes have not been well-received by everyone. On August 3, a group of local residents living farther from the park or lacking access to public transit argued that these measures hindered their enjoyment of the park. While there is a valid discussion about ensuring accessibility for those with mobility challenges, the protesting group seemed disinterested in engaging in a civil conversation. Tensions escalated further as counter-protesters entered the scene.

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An incident transpired in which a man intentionally drove his vehicle into a counter-protester, as captured in a video shared on Twitter (or X, or whatever.) He then confronted the protester. In an inexplicable turn of events, he proceeded to remove his shirt and unleashed a barrage of profanities.

There was a pro-car protest in Toronto’s High Park and it was obviously absolute chaos

On Wednesday, Dan Maciejowski drove through the park filming, noting the reduced amount of parking and said it was ruining the area. “This is a Wednesday afternoon and there is nowhere to park in High Park, and on weekends they close the park to cars…why? Some people like to drive to the park. Fuck this city and it’s stupid cyclist first bullshit,” he tweeted. Everyone is allowed an opinion on the matter, but what isn’t is holding your phone while driving. It is clearly not dash cam footage, and it’s from the driver’s side. Although the speed limit is 20 km/h there (and in theory he’s going it) there are many families walking alongside and it’s a dangerous practice, and could be deadly.

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After he posted the clip, many…

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