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An Olympic speed skater on why the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer is so important to him

An Olympic speed skater on why the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer is so important to him

Tyson Langelaar is an Olympic speed skater, but he loves to ride. In fact, he uses cycling quite a bit for his cardio training. But his time on the bike isn’t just limited to training camps in Europe or the USA, or putting in the miles indoors. There’s one event that’s very special to him: The Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer.

The annual event is Alberta’s biggest cancer cycling fundraiser, and this year it takes place on July 20‑21. It’s year 16 for the Tour. The goal? To raise $6,000,000, bringing the total raised since inception to 100 million, for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

For Tyson, the ride’s importance is clear. Like many Canadians, he knows friends and family who have had cancer, and those who have died because of it.

“What inspired me to join? I looked into it back in 2020, and thought about participation,” he said. “Eventually, in 2021, my teammate and I submitted a team—it’s a fantastic opportunity to get involved.”
Tyson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and began his speed skating journey at just seven years old. By the age of fifteen, he was already clinching numerous provincial championships in both long and short track events. When he was 18 he moved to Calgary to train at the Olympic Oval. Four years later, in 2022: he achieved his childhood dream, going to the Olympics. He races in the 1000 m and 1500 m events.

2024 will mark the third time he’s doing the event, and he can’t wait for July.

“I enjoy the ride for sure, but it’s also about the importance of funding cancer research. That means being there in person, and meeting so many people,” he said. “It can be very emotional as well, seeing all the survivors or meeting folks who have known people with cancer, or lost someone.

The Tour begins on Saturday at the Strathmore Stampede Grounds. You can enjoy camping right there if you bring along your tent or trailer! Camping is open on July 20th and 21st, complete with shower and washroom facilities.

If you’re thinking of joining this year, Tyson has some advice for training. First off, you don’t need to be an Olympian to join the rides. The Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer is well supported for cyclists of all ages and abilities. There are pit stops with hydration and nutrition every 25 km, sweep vehicles and bike mechanics traveling along the route, massage and medical teams available throughout the weekend.

No matter what your goal for the Tour is, Tyson does say you should prepare…

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