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Assos launches news Equipe RS bibs: the Schtradivari S11

Assos launches news Equipe RS bibs: the Schtradivari S11

Assos has updated its Equipe RS bibs with a new textile and insert, after having input from the Tudor Pro cycling team. The riders on the Swiss squad tested the shorts for almost 200,000 km and gave detailed feedback in the design phase to ensure a top product for the serious racer.

The Schtradivari S11 bibs feature a new textile, Type.911, which includes a cut to reduce seams and wrinkles for a better fit across legs and waist. This textile also replaces the Type.441 which was used on the previous iteration, the S9. Another notable feature: gone is the rollBar bib strap design.


The new S11 insert also a softer, more durable top sheet with improved odour control, while still having superior airflow and lightweight profile.

Since these shorts have been influenced by riders who have raced in WorldTour races, these shorts are made for performance. Aero and compressive textiles mean that these shorts are sleek and fast. They also offer UPF 50+ protection.

The shorts feature CranKio Tec, which is a funky term that basically means that the wrinkling of the shorts on your hip when you pedal is reduced. With some shorts, you can feel friction between the short itself and your leg in each pedal stroke. With this new tech Assos says that movement won’t occur. Assos has also redone the leg gripper on the short to optimize friction while pedalling. There is only silicone to grip your skin on the back of the leg opening, which Assos says will reduce friction, hence less irritation.

Bibs redone

The rollBar strap design–where the exposed bibs came down over the rear of the shorts has been eliminated. Assos attributes this to the enhanced elasticity and compression of the new Type.911 textile compared to the Type.411 used in the previous generation. Instead of solely relying on bib straps, the S11 shorts provide comprehensive stability by conforming closely to the rider’s body. A nice byproduct of this for the pros is now there is more real estate on the back of the shorts for sponsors, too. The bibs use an A-frame pattern to reduce sag on your back. That means that the main panels of the shorts and insert will sit firmly in place when you’re on the saddle. In terms of fit, they are available in either standard or long, the latter being an additional three cm on your leg, if you prefer your shorts closer to your knee.

The insert has been redone as well. It uses Assos’s “3D Waffle”—which is sort of what it sounds like. The chamois features…

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