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Bianchi claps back after Florian Sénéchal’s ‘carboard’ bike comment

Bianchi claps back after Florian Sénéchal’s ‘carboard’ bike comment

Bianchi is clapping back after Florian’s Sénéchal comments where he was highly critical of the Italian bike brand. Arkea B&B Hotels riders were onboard either the aero Oltre RC or the Specialissima RC models during Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix. Sénéchal had a total of four bike changes, and after the race said he heard all sorts of funny noises and problems with the frame and cockpit.

“Bike was becoming cardboard”

“I think that we had a technical problem with our bike, and we’ll have to look into it. It wasn’t going well with my bike. My fork or my stem was starting to give out. There were carbon noises and it was becoming cardboard,” he told Cyclism Actu. I got scared and had to change bikes. In any case, I wasn’t able go any faster because I couldn’t pull on the handlebars. And I didn’t want to fall on my collarbone.”

He mentioned how he needed to swap bikes four times during the race, which was won by Mathieu van der Poel. “At the Carrefour de l’Arbre, the handlebars of my second bike came loose. I think that we have a technical problem with our bike and we’ll have to look into it. It’s annoying to always have problems. I didn’t fall,” he explained. “The legs were there, the physical condition was there. I have nothing to prove myself and I have to be patient now. I didn’t want to give up even though I hadn’t had any luck yet.I came back every time and I wanted to do well. I made no tactical or technical mistakes, and was always in the right place. That’s just how it is.”

Bianch fires back

It didn’t take long for the long-time Italian frame builder, Bianchi, to issue a statement after the disparaging comments.

“All Bianchi frames and components have successfully passed the validation test protocols in accordance with the ISO 4210-5 standard. Which certifies their suitability for use in total safety by our customers, and by professional athletes equipped by Bianchi,” the statement began. “With specific reference to the demands of racing on cobblestones, and in particular Paris-Roubaix, one of the most demanding races for bicycles and their components–he Arkea B&B Hotels organization carried out several tests that validated the use of both the Bianchi Specialissima RC and Oltre RC models.”

The comment from Bianchi went on to say that the numerous pre-race tests and the continuous use in competition of the Bianchi RC models by Team Arkea-B&B Hotels in the northern classics, including Luca…

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