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Bike racing is coming back to Toronto on Saturday

Bike racing is coming back to Toronto on Saturday

There was a time when you’d see multiple races a year in Toronto. CHIN Picnic, one of the biggest, took place every July 1 at the CNE. Since it was combined with a large festival, you’d have plenty of spectators enjoying the race.

The roads around Queen’s Park, where the Ontario Legislature is, would also host races. The large oval made for a great crit for spectators–although without proper corners, would sometimes make it tough for breaks. There have been various iterations over the years using the course–and has attracted riders like Steve Bauer, Sean Kelly, Francesco Moser and other Euro pros in the eighties. In 1998, the race was brought back for Canadian and American amateurs and pros. The last time it took place was in 2012, and Giro d’Italia winner, Ryder Hesjedal was there, as well as WorldTour rider, Michael Barry, among others.

It was supposed to take place again in 2020, but know what happened that year.

There have also been races held by the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. The market is a large area where 120 vendors sell delicious goods and is a popular tourist attraction. That race hasn’t been held since 2010 when Andrew Randell of Steve Bauer’s Spidertech team won the men’s race, with LaBicicletta’s Merrill Collins taking the women’s.

There was a race called the Ossington Criterium. It was a fast, short course in one of Toronto’s hipster neighbourhoods. The last time it took place was 2017.

Of course, if you are talking about races in Toronto, you’d have to mention the 2015 Pan Am Games. The road race course went through various parts of the city, but, well it was invite-only.

Pan Am Games road race: Riley Pickrell eighth

There have also been several ‘cross races in Toronto over the years, but organizing races in cities has become increasingly difficult over the years, no matter what part of Canada you live.

That changes on Saturday. Hustle Pro Cycling, a UCI Continental team based in Toronto, is hosting the Tussle with the Hustle Criterium on July 7. It’s part of the Winspace Ontario Cup Series.

It is behind held at the Downsview airport and you’ll actually ride on part of the runway. The circuit has smooth pavement on a 1.2km loop with only 4 m of elevation, so it’s guaranteed to be quick. There will also be several fixed gear races, if that’s your thing.

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