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‘Bike Share Batman’ is returning stolen bicycles in Toronto to their rightful spots

'Bike Share Batman' is returning stolen bicycles in Toronto to their rightful spots

Not all heroes wear Lycra? There’s a man in Toronto calling himself an ethical thief – as he’s returning stolen or ditched Bike Share bicycles to where they belong. The Toronto resident and cyclist, who goes by the name ‘Jonny,’ recently shared his message titled ‘I’m an ethical bike enthusiast’ on the torontobiking forum on Reddit. First reported in the National Post, his post has generated numerous responses, with some likening him to Batman.

The Bike Share theft rises

“Over the past six months, I have been noticing more and more stolen Bike Share bikes cruising around the city, and I have taken it upon myself to salvage them and return them to the stand,’ it began. “The signs are obvious once you look closer: the lights aren’t flashing, the bike is pretty chewed up, the person using it stashing it somewhere.”

His post went on to say that when he discovers one there’s only one course of action: Bring it back.

Batman and robbin’

“Whenever I come upon a Bike Share that checks those boxes, I jack it and take it back to the nearest stand. I wish I could do this for people’s stolen bikes, but it’s just not as obvious.”

“Thank you, Batman,” was the first reply to the post. And Jonny promptly replied, “At your service, citizen.”

What’s black and green and on two wheels?

In an interview with blogTO, he said he witnessed a man attempt to hide a Bike Share bicycle in the bushes while grabbing a burger at A&W. Batman, I mean Jonny, dove into action and grabbed it, returning it to the bike stand.

He went on to say he has saved four bikes so far but finds ripped off rides several times a week.

“I can’t save them all because they’re either in use or locked up,’ he said. ‘Like anything, once you keep an eye out for it, you’ll start to notice them.”

A watchful protector

One user was particularly grateful for Bike Share Batman’s work.

“Thanks, man. I was unemployed for a long time and took a Bike Share e-bike and went for a city tour; even after locking the bike, it was stolen,” the Reddit user posted. ‘After five days, it has been recovered. I was charged 200$. If it is not recovered, I would have ended up paying $1800.”

Bike Share Batman says his work is never done. “I see them all over downtown,” he said. “I’m always looking. Sometimes you catch them locked, or they ride past you.”

He quite likes the comparison to the Dark Knight. “I think it’s super funny, and a huge…

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