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Biking Lawyer’s mic cut after asking Toronto councillor to denounce recent anti-cyclist language

Biking Lawyer’s mic cut after asking Toronto councillor to denounce recent anti-cyclist language

On Tuesday, David Shellnutt, a.k.a The Biking Lawyer, attended a city of Toronto meeting to ask Councillor Stephen Holyday to denounce some anti-cyclist words spoken at a recent meeting about bike lanes. However, as soon as he began speaking, Holyday cut him off.

On Feb. 28, A town hall meeting was hosted by Councillor Stephen Holyday to brief residents in the west part of town on the City of Toronto‘s cycling plan. However, the meeting quickly went south with wars of words between cycling advocates and those opposed to bike lanes. One local in particular had some nasty comments for those who ride bikes.

Disturbing comments from resident about cyclists

As Shellnutt explained that, “Since the Etobicoke Town Hall hosted by Cllr Stephen Holyday wherein a participant was allowed to threaten to ‘run over’ cyclists who got in his way, the Councillor has refused to apologize or condemn this behavior.”

The local likened a road where he sees cyclists to The Tour de France. He said the riders get in his way and slow him down. “Personally, I’d like to run them over,” the man said, “To get them out of my way.”

You can watch his remarks in the video below.

No statement denouncing the comments and threats of violence

The cycling advocate said that despite letters and emails from multiple community members, he has not heard a statement denouncing the troubling words. After Holyday shut Shellnutt’s mic, he asked how his question related to the Service Excellence Committee.

Shellnut explained that the Service Excellence Committee is supposed to deal with complaints and customer service for the city. “He has ignored all the complaints about this Feb 28 Town Hall. We thought this was a fitting venue to hold him to account. According to Shellnutt, Holyday cut him off several more times.

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“Finally, they cut my mic and I can’t be heard demanding an apology, which I did, politely but firmly,” he said. “He shut down the meeting and called security, even though I was polite and…

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