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Blurring the lines between gravel and XC with Leatt Endurance gear

Blurring the lines between gravel and XC with Leatt Endurance gear

The world of cycling is incredibly adept at creating (and marketing) new niche segments of the sport. But no one actually rides like that in real life. In the real world, sneaky sections of singletrack branch off gravel paths to mix up our morning ride. And, when riding in Toronto’s Don Valley, both are connected by stretches of tarmac.

To suit rides where the lines between gravel and cross country begin to blur, we’ve turned to the Leatt Endurance collection. It’s not mountain bike gear. It’s not “gravel specific,” whatever that means. This is just good comfortable gear. It will have your back no matter where your next ride takes you.

Spicing up the daily ride

While gravel riding and mountain biking both promise remote adventures and stunning vistas, most of our day-to-day riding happens a lot closer to home. The morning ride, after work group effort, Saturday morning adventures, or even a creative and maybe-not-so-direct commute to work. These are what makes up the bulk of our weekly miles. But everyday doesn’t mean routine or boring.

Whether you’re in downtown Toronto and dipping into the Don Valley, tucking into Calgary’s network of urban paths and singletrack in Nose Hill or Fish Creek, or exploring North Vancouver’s Seymour Demonstration Forest, these rides can be as spectacular and fun as they are close to home. But they do require some versatility.

Leatt Endurance: gear for every ride

This kind of riding requires gear to match. Leatt’s Endurance line is designed to mix efficiency and performance with durability. Like the Endurance 2.0 jacket, which is DWR-free water repellant and wind-proof to ward off wet weather and keep you warm at speed. But it also has a mesh back and armpit panels that will keep you cool when pushing up steep grades and on hot summer days. If you’re starting early, or plan on riding late as the evening cools off, the 2.0 jacket folds into itself and straps onto your frame so its there when you need it, but not in the way. If you do finish, or start your ride when the sun’s not quite at full strength, there’s reflective highlights to add visibility on the road.

The 6.0 Clip shoes also mix gravel efficiency with XC durability. The ATOP lace system uses an easily-accessible Atop dial for micro-adjustable fit that you can easily reach and change with one hand. RideGrip soles and a semi-rigid sole construction make for clean pedalling and comfortable hike-a-biking with plenty of traction….

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