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Bontrager launches Aeolus RSL Tire: Fast, grippy and aero

Bontrager launches Aeolus RSL Tire: Fast, grippy and aero

The Bontrager Aeolus RSL tubless tire is an upgrade from the R-series, designed for road racing with a tread optimized for superior speed and grip across all conditions. Featuring the RSL cotton casing with 320 TPI, it delivers speed, a supple feel, and great grip. There is an additional sub-tread puncture protection ensures reliability even in demanding race environments.

The new tires are available in widths of 26 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, and 32 mm.

Aero FTW

The new tire design of the Aeolus RSL enhances aerodynamics, offering significant watt savings-Trek claims it shaves 1.7-6.1 Watts at 35 – 58 km/h.

Advanced construction

The 320 TPI cotton casing incorporates highly flexible fibres that conform to road surfaces. This construction not only enhances comfort but also boosts speed by minimizing rolling resistance. Thate means smoother ride that translates into improved performance and reduced fatigue over long

Key features


The tire ignificantly improves rolling resistance compared to the R3 TLR.



The 320 TPI cotton casing provides a supple feel that enhances comfort and speed, setting a new standard in road cycling performance.

Bontrager Aeolus RSL Tire, $120

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