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Brendan Fairclough is making ‘Deathgrip 2’

Brendan Fairclough / Deathgrip 2

Six years after Deathgrip made its iconic debut, Brendan Fairclough is back for more. And the speedy Brit one again has Clay Porter behind the lens helping bring the wild action to screens around the world.

There aren’t a ton of details in the minute-long stream of short-cuts that make up Deathgrip 2‘s trailer. But it looks like Fairclough is, much like in the 2017 original, riding with an all-star list of the world’s best freeriders and racers. Big air, breakneck speeds and all kinds of style: Deathgrip 2 will be amazing. When it will be amazing is among the details not included.

Deathgrip 2: Official Teaser


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