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Bruno Lavagnino had a terrifying crash at Downhill Urbano de Manizales

Bruno Lavagnino had a terrifying crash at Downhill Urbano de Manizales

Urban downhill racing always looks like it’s on the edge of disaster but, somehow, most pros still make rooftop drops and staircase gaps look smooth and easy. But, when things do go wrong, they go really wrong. Such was the case when Bruno Lavagnino mis-timed one set of a series of staircases at Downhill Urbano de Manizales.

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In video shared by Lavagnino, the Chilean’s weight gets pitched forward on one landing between sets of stairs. He cases the next landing front wheel first, somehow rides out the next full set on his front wheel before the third landing sends hime flying OTB down the narrow space between the stairs and railings.

The crash is hard to watch but, somehow, Lavagnino walks away mostly unharmed. At least compared to what could have been.

“The fall looks very hard but I’m physically strong so I was able to handle it well. The bad luck is when my foot gets caught on the railing and causes an injury to my left foot,” Lavagnino shared online. “Thanks to everyone who has sent me good vibes!!”

If you needed any motivation to hit the gym this winter, there it is. Remember to do your pushups, folks!

If you want to see what the full Manizales course looked like, check out Thomas Slavik’s race run. Slavic finised second by 0.38 seconds to Sebastian Holguin Villa.

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