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Canyon launches Grizl:ON electric gravel bike

Canyon launches Grizl:ON electric gravel bike

Just under four years after the launch of the Grail:ON e-bike Canyon has decided to give the Grizl gravel bike the e-treatment as well and has launched the Grizl:ON e-gravel bike. Why? Canyon reckons e-gravel bikes that are functional, capable and fun to ride make sense to a lot of different riders, and that there are now better component options on the market for a drop bar, e-gravel machine. 

Canyon says the e-gravel segment of the market is still fresh and open to interpretation. As such, the brand says the new bike is created with both ‘everyday practicality and boundary-pushing exploration in mind’, claiming that it has designed the new bike with a ‘Swiss Army knife mindset,’ meaning the Grizl should be well equipped to tackle a commute, errands, an hour’s blast at the local trails, or a longer off-road bikepacking trip.

The new Grizl:ON range is comprised of four different carbon framed models which each use a Bosch Performance Line SX motor, the brand’s lightest unit. The system features a 400-watt-hour battery, plus a 250-watt-hour range extender option. Two USA models, the CF9 and CF7 will also have class 3 e-bike status with assistance up to 28mph.

Canyon Grizl:ON

(Image credit: Canyon)

All Grizl:On models have been designed around a RockShox Rudy suspension fork and 60mm stem, the brand says it has approached the design of the bike from a mountain bike geometry standpoint. Each model also features a custom to the Grizl:ON Lupine Nano SL headlight and Lupine Sightstay rear lighting system which is wired into the central battery. The front light has a lumen rating of 700-1000 and the rear lights are incorporated into the rear seat stay/chainstay junction of the frame and are replaceable. 

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